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Frequently Asked QuestionsQuestions?

Answers to some of the common questions we receive are listed below. If you don't find the answer to your question published here, please feel free to contact Icetech for a quick answer.

Domain Names







I have my domain name. How do I have you host it?

To have us host your domain name requires you order an account with us, and you point your domain name to our servers.

The process of pointing it to our servers has a number of different names depending on the company you bought your domain name from (your registrar). Some call it setting DNS, setting nameservers, or delegating the domain (delegation).

Pointing your domain name at our severs requires you to login to your registrar's website using the username and password you created when you bought your domain from them. Once logged in you need to find the place to "set DNS", "set nameservers", or "delegate the domain". This is usually in a very prominent position on the site as it is the most basic function registrars perform.

Once you arrive at the page to point your domain name, there will be at least two boxes to enter the details of our servers. In these boxes you enter the details of our nameservers which you are provided with in your setup email from us.

The relevant part of the setup email looks like this:
» NameServer Info:
Primary DNS Server Hostname: ns1.icetechdns.com

Secondary Name Server Hostname: ns2.icetechdns.com

These settings may be slightly different depending on which of our servers you are setup on. The ones above are just examples.

In most cases you simply enter "dns3.example.com" into the box labelled "Primary nameserver", and "dns4.example.com" into the box labelled "Secondary nameserver". Submit the changes and you're done.

It takes between 24 and 48 hours for the changes to fully take effect after you set them. Once that time has elapsed, everyone will see your webspace on our server displayed when they enter your domain name into their web browser.


Do your servers have SPAM filtering software installed?

Yes. Every email account has the option at no cost, of using GFI MailEssentials anti-spam filtering. For many clients this is one of their favorite features.

Icetech uses the latest updates to GFI MailEssentials to keep both our own, and clients inboxes clean.

GFI MailEssentials also uses a learning feature, so you can teach it even more effectively which emails are spam and which aren't. If you ever have an email classified incorrectly you can inform it so future similiar ones are correct.


Do you provide POP3 and Webmail email?

We do provide both POP3 and Webmail services to web hosting clients. Our POP3 email services enable our customers to use their email with an email program like Outlook Express, Outlook, or Eudora.

Icetech's webmail provides the ability to have your email permanently online in a style similar to Yahoo mail or Hotmail. The Webmail clients are provided on every account.

Icetech even provides IMAP services which are a little less used than the others.


Can you register my domain name for me?

Yes. Client who order a hosting account with Dependra are provided the option of purchasing a domain name with us as well.

This makes things easier for everyone because we handle your entire website administration.

Other advantages of getting both your domain name and hosting accounts with us are:

  • We set the DNS settings to point your domain name at our web hosting servers for you. This keeps things less technical.
  • The same cost benefits as our hosting accounts also apply to our cheap domain names
  • Billing is linked to keep both accounts on the same billing cycle

    To order your domain name and hosting, click the appropriate "Order this Plan" link below our web hosting plans.

    Naturally, domain bought at places other than these still work perfectly fine with our servers as well.

    The process of ordering your domain name is usually completed in a few minutes, and your domain name is normally fully registered within an hour for .com domains, or a little longer for .com.au domains.

    Dependra.com can also host domains with more unusual extensions like .org, .ws, .id, or any other.


What support do you provide for my website?

Icetech provides fast and detailed support on any issue relating to our servers.

If you purchase your domain name through us as well we will also assist with your domain name enquiries.

Support is available through your CPANEL helpdesk tracking system where someone is always on-hand at both our office and datacenters.

Please remember that the more detailed the description you provide us in any support request, the faster and more effectively attend to it.

Keeping all support via email tickets allows our technicians to provide clear and helpful answers, and leaves a clear record of how to solve any issue. Phone support has the problem of often requiring things to be written down, and even an email to be sent in addition to the call.


Can I have a default (Catch-all) email address?

Yes, all accounts have a default email address already setup for their websites when they are setup. Simply check your webmail using cPanel to see any email.

Default email addresses are useful for a varity of reasons. They include:

  • Checking email sent to any username from one inbox
  • Accepting email if the sender has mistyped the username
  • Reducing the amount of SPAM you receive by creating different email addresses for each contact

Existing clients can change or remove their default address in the Mail menu of cPanel.


How do I add email addresses, databases, or see my statistics?

Every account with us comes with the ability to administer your site and add email addresses, databases, see your statistics, and much more.

All of this is done using our cPanel control panel administration system.

You will be sent an address of cPanel with your username and password in the settings email when your account is setup.

Please make yourself familiar with the various options it provides as it allows you to use your website to the full potential.


How do I upload my website?

For maximum flexibility we provide two ways of uploading. You may either use FTP or our web-based file manager.

FTP is our personal preference because it allows large amounts of files to be uploaded easily, but the web-based file manager can also be good for beginners.

Using FTP to upload your site

To upload your website using FTP, you first need an FTP program.

We use WS_FTP LE because it provides a free trial version so you know you are comfortable using it. Smart FTP can be downloaded from their site at www.icetech.net click on downloads.

First install, and then start WS_FTP LE.

To connect to our servers ready for uploading, we first enter the domain name of your account or IP address into the "Address" box at the top of the screen.

The username and password boxes to the right of the address box should then be entered. Your username and password can be found in the setup email we send when you order.

Once the settings are entered, click Enter to connect.

Once the connection has been made you will see a new box will appear in the main area of the screen. This is your webspace on our servers.

To upload your site, click on the "public_html" directory in your webspace. The public_html directory is the one that holds your website files. If you place a HTML page in this directory called "index.html" it will be the page displayed when someone types in your domain name.

Now that we are in the correct folder to upload to - go to the directory that you have saved your website in on your computer using the "Local Browser" in the other box on your screen.

Select your website files and drag them into your webspace.


Will you help me develop my website pages?

Icetech is a one stop shop we can help with the web development of your pages.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have relating to our Design services.

Our services include full custom interface design and branding, online multimedia, including animation, audio and video. We don't stop there: we offer full backend web development, eCommerce, and database integration for seamless integration and project coordination

Our Website Design Methodology

Icetech’s Web design team uses a 3-step approach. Think- Plan- Create that creates great Web sites with a wide array of functions. Whether you need marketing, online sales, Intranets or customer support Icetech can help you plan, build and maintain your company's Web initiative. From entry level to more sophisticate sites. Our Custom Web Development is geared toward e-commerce for the small to medium sized business.